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Southeastern Technical Services, Inc. (STS) was founded in 2000 as an engineering and maintenance organization focused on assisting Power Generation customers in maintaining their equipment assets.  Conveniently located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, STS is strategically placed to service the needs of our southeastern US clients.  STS established its foundation with our first customer, Siemens Westinghouse Power Generation Division when STS provided consulting services to the Gas Turbine Division.  With STS’s industry experience and market knowledge, STS was able to help Siemens successfully manage over a billion dollars worth of gas turbine long term contracts. Recognizing that utility and industrial clients are demanding high quality services from the market place, STS’s decided to leverage this experience with another industry giant, American Electric Power (AEP) --one of the largest utilities in the US – to serve as their exclusive southeastern US representative.  In this role, STS was able to provide complete and comprehensive engineering and maintenance services to Power Generation clients concerning all components in the power generation cycle.  STS continues to grow and are excited about bringing aboard several ‘best of breed’ power generation equipment suppliers and align these solutions with customer needs.


STS is a premiere supplier of power generation equipment and engineering services.  “Our current clients rely on us to not only sell their equipment but to also maintain that close relationship with their customers.  This approach is vital to commercial success in today’s environment.” reports Steve Guarcello, STS General Manager.  “It is an overused phrase in corporate speak, but What We Do is solve our customers needs by supplying the highest quality power generation equipment available in today’s marketplace."


STS represents the following ‘best of breed’ equipment providers in the southeast region of the US:

Robinson Custom Enclosures
Manufacturers of enclosures, containers, tanks and trailers for power generation and industrial equipment.  Robinson specializes in custom designs and strict sound attenuation applications for diesel engines and gas turbines.

HARCO Manufacturing
HARCO Manufacturing has grown to become a leading fabricator of premium engine exhaust silencers as well as providing a complete line of supporting products.  Harco produces the HAPCO line of exhaust silencers, the Eliminator™ diesel oxidation catalysts, Regulator™ diesel particulate filter systems, diesel engine exhaust spark arrestors and other related emission control products.

IEA Inc.
IEA strongly believes that the right answer doesn’t have to be expensive.  Their designs first meet the customer’s cooling requirements and then deliver protection in the most cost efficient and technical superior way possible. And the right answer doesn’t have to be slow in coming. IEA’s manufacturing is geared to deliver customized products with some of the industry’s shortest turn around times.  The IEA’s right answer also answer comes with the right attitude. Original equipment parts, accurate, complete and readily available service information and on-site personnel make IEA the right choice.

Steuler SCR Systems
Since 1980 Steuler has been developing and installing SCR Systems and oxidation catalysts throughout the world.  These systems have proved to be economically and technically successful to change pollutants such as NOx, CO, CxHy and dioxins into the naturally occuring compounds of the atmosphere like nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide. There are no residual materials remaining after the process is complete and the used catalysts are returned to Steuler for recycling and re-used in the manufacturing of new catalysts. 

Kawasaki Gas Turbines
Kawasaki gas turbine generator sets are created first and foremost with performance in mind. But the thinking doesn't stop there. Each set is specifically designed to minimize maintenance and avoid costly downtime. For example, special inspection ports allow internal components to be checked without tedious disassembly or long waits. Their split case design allows for tolerance adjustments during hot section inspections for higher overall efficiency between overhauls. And all rotating parts are precisely balanced to reduce vibration and minimize failures of key electronic components. Finally, their high performance ignition system ensures a starting reliability of 99.4% or more, even in cold weather conditions.

Beaudrey Debris Filters
Beaudrey USA is the exclusive distributor of Beaudrey debris filters, intake screens, fish protection systems, and online condenser tube cleaning equipment for North America.  All of our systems are custom designed and manufactured by E. Beaudrey & Cie to optimally meet the needs of our customers.  We also provide installation, service, and parts support to North American facilities for all Beaudrey product lines.

And, of course, Southeastern Technical Services, Inc.


Stephen V. Guarcello is the President and General Manager of Southeastern Technical Services, Inc.  He brings over 30 years of success-packed expertise in providing leadership and technical direction to major energy projects in both fossil and nuclear generating facilities.   His diverse experience includes consulting services with a Fortune 50 Company, as well as managing a large fleet of turbine generators for a Fortune 250 utility.  With more than fourteen years at energy giant Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Siemens Power, he served both international and domestic clients with turbine field expertise and long-term maintenance programs.  He is also executive alumnus of Florida Power Corporation where he spent the majority of his career leading large equipment outages to positive results and providing the daily technical direction to maintaining 22 Power Generation units located throughout the state of Florida.

Mr. Guarcello is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a degree in Tool Design.  He is currently on the Board of Directors for the Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church, Pass-A-Grille Beach Yacht Club and Co-Chair of "Beach Goes Pops", a large community-based fundraiser held annually.   Steve lives in St. Pete Beach, Florida, with his wife Teresa and their son, Nicholas.

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