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The following series of photos depicts a Supper Quiet Robinson Custom Enclosure being installed in a Collier County, FL, wellfield.  Since the unit was required to reduce noice to no more than 60 dBA at one meter, Robinson designed a custom enclosure capability of reducing the source noise by 40 dBA.  That is why this unique Cummins Power South 450 KW unit has "Penthouses" on both ends of the enclosure roof.  Inside these penthouses are specially designed sound attenuation baffles that keep the noice down to specification requirements while still allowing the flow of air in and out of the structure.  The customer and installation contractor are extremely impresseed with how quiet the unit is at full load.  Another project well down by Robinson Custom Enclosures, Cummins Power South, LLC, and STS, Inc.

The Penthouse structures arrived first and were unloaded to laydown.  These sound attenuation hoods will be installed after the enclosure is set in place.

The crane crew prepares  the unit to be lifted off of the "Double Drop" trailer.  Notice that it is a 8 point lift and the rigging uses two spreader bars.

The unit is lifted clear of the trailer and the mobile crane starts the sequence of "Flying over the block building!"  Unfortunately, there was not enough room at the site to swing the load onto it's pad without going up and over.  

Due to the wind and a tight location, the enclosure lifting was a slow process.

The unit finally has the necessary height to swing over the block building.  The unit is approximately 30 feet in the air!

Final adjusts were made to the anchor bolts and sole plate so a perfect landing could be accomplished.

The unit reaches it final resting place on top of a custom made concrete pad.  The penthouse structures will be mounted on the roof next.

Preparations are made to lift the two penthouses structures on top of the enclosure. 

The unit finally rests on it's concrete pad specifically designed to hold the entire system weight.  The Sound Attenuation Penthouses have been located on the roof structure and secured.  Exclusive of the stairs for entrance into the enclosure doors, the configuration is complete.

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