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The Highest Quality Custom Enclosure Available In Today's Market 

Robinson Custom Enclosures was created in 1996 as a division of Robinson Metal Inc., a premier custom sheet metal fabricator. Robinson Custom Enclosures specializes in turnkey products for the power generation industry including enclosures, containers, tanks and trailers. They use their extensive fabricating knowledge and expertise to manufacture top of the line enclosures from weather protective drop-overs to turnkey sound attenuated units.

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Robinson Custom Enclosure Brochure

A Turnkey Solution

Thinking Outside The Box

Robinson's Standard Is Custom Packaging


A Leader in Emission Control Products

HARCO Manufacturing has grown to become a leading fabricator of premium engine exhaust silencers as well as providing a complete line of supporting products.

Harco produces the HAPCO line of exhaust silencers, the Eliminator™ diesel oxidation catalysts, Regulator™ diesel particulate filter systems, diesel engine exhaust spark arrestors and other related emission control products.

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HARCO Silencer Brochure

HARCO Emission Control Product Brochure

HARCO Marine Product Brochure

HARCO Complete Catalogue


The Industry's Strongest Guarantee...Covering Products with the Industry's Strongest Performance. 

IEA strongly believes that the right radiator and cooling system answer doesn’t have to be expensive.  Their designs first meet the customer’s cooling requirements and then deliver protection in the most cost efficient and technical superior way possible.  And the right answer doesn’t have to be slow in coming. IEA’s manufacturing is geared to deliver customized products with some of the industry’s shortest turn around times.  The IEA’s right answer also answer comes with the right attitude. Original equipment parts, accurate, complete and readily available service information and on-site personnel make IEA the right choice.

In addition to on-going expansion in its design expertise and manufacturing acumen, IEA has today embarked on an aggressive Six Sigma Program, aimed at elevating quality standards, shortening delivery schedules and ensuring customers of the best possible value in industrial cooling products and service.

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HCR Modular Series Cooling Systems

Established in 1908 and Steuler still leads the market.

Since 1980 Steuler has been developing and installing SCR Systems and oxidation catalysts throughout the world.  These systems have proved to be economically and technically successful to change pollutants such as NOx, CO, CxHy and dioxins into the naturally occuring compounds of the atmosphere like nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide. There are no residual materials remaining after the process is complete and the used catalysts are returned to Steuler for recycling and re-used in the manufacturing of new catalysts.

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Steuler Equipment and Technology

Flue Gas Purification

Flue Gas Purification for Heavy Fuel Oil Engines

Chemical Surface Treatment

Catalyst Systems for CO2 Production


Unmatched Robustness and Debris Handling Capability 

Beaudrey USA is the exclusive distributor of Beaudrey debris filters, intake screens, fish protection systems, and online condenser tube cleaning equipment for North America.  All Beaudrey systems are custom designed and manufactured to optimally meet the needs of its customers.  Through direct support and partnerships with qualified service partners such as Southeastern Technical Services, Beaudrey provides installation, service, and parts support to North American facilities for all Beaudrey product lines.


The Leader In Low Emissions Gas Turbines 

Over the past 30 years, Kawasaki Gas Turbines has grown to be a primary player in the power generation market, but their history goes back even further. In 1943, they built the first aircraft gas turbine engine and went on to become a major service provider for the aerospace turbine market. Until 1979, however, their participation in the industrial gas turbine market was focused largely in Japan and Southeast Asia, with their products being sold through third parties in America.  Today, Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas, a division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., is a leading manufacturer of small and midsize gas turbine power systems from 1.2 MW to 20 MW. Their reputation for making efficient, reliable and low-emissions products is respected not only in the U.S., but around the world.

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Kawasaki Gas Turbine Model GPB15D

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Model GPB70D

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Model GPB 180D

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